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Valentines Eve Training

Treat your partner to a night out training with the Postal Harriers under the tutelage of Coach Whitby. Romance is alive and well folks!

Training this week will start at the Minster Inn at 18:30. The session will consist of:

Series of dynamic and progressive stretches

Core session – this week we are thinking ahead towards 10K’s and training the legs and mind to stay on pace. The session will start after a warm up jog down Skeldergate to the bridge. The run will include repeats along the riverbank. There will also be an option available for newer runners to help start injecting a little speed endurance into training. So – something for everyone to enjoy!

Cool down/static stretches of 10-12 seconds to untangle those gnarly muscle fibres.

Remember: Be fit, be fast, but always be the best you can be!

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