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Get Stretchy!

Want to know more about strengthening your core? Then check out these tips from Coach Whitby.

Running Efficiency comes from the core!

Core strength is an integral part of adopting and maintaining a good posture for running. This delivers increased running efficiency and speed while also maximising the chances of staying injury free.  Doing core work a couple of times per week could make all the difference, and improve posture while you are at it - give it a try.

Building time into your week to do stretching is also something that I would strongly recommend.  This doesn’t have to involve lycra and mats just 20 minutes to untangle those muscle fibres and give you the flexibility to develop a strong running rhythm - try this one.

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Simon Middleton
Simon Middleton
28 Φεβ 2019

Sorry the links aren’t working at the moment. Probably something to do with trying to update them from my phone. Will sort later, Simon.

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