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Coach's Corner

There's treat in store for you all at training this week. Coach Whitby has promised to take you all to Egypt to see the sights. Read on for more details and meet at 6.30 at the Minster Inn on Weds evening if you're up for a night of Egyptian mystery. New and potential new members welcome.

Training update below: Training this week will start at the Minster Inn at 18:30.  The session will consist of: Series of dynamic and progressive stretches

Core session – this week the session will continue to reinforce the body positioning we looked over the last few weeks. It will take into account those of you running this weekend and focus on conditioning and confidence.  That’s not to say it will be an easy session (of course). 

The session will take place along the riverbank at the bottom of Marygate - so not so much of a warm up run this week. We are off to Egypt for a rewarding pyramid session!

Cool down/static stretches of 10-12 seconds to untangle those gnarly muscle fibres.

Remember: Be fit, be fast, but always be the best you can be!

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