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Coach's Corner - 30th Jan 2019

Each week coach's corner will include details of our training session for the Wednesday evening along with any other insights that Coach Whitby thinks we will find useful.

Plan is to meet at the Minster Inn at 18:30. There are a couple of choices on the training menu this week that will suit all preferences:

1. A gentler, social based run that is geared to get you moving at a steady pace with likeminded runners

2. A structured session for more intermediate and advanced runners

Both will start with a dynamic warm up following the RAMP principle:

R aise the heart rate

A ctivate the muscles

M obilise the body (no static stretches here!)

P otentiate – get the head prepared for the session ahead.

A word of warning! – There is a weather alert for this week which states that “Wednesday will remain cold but dry with clear skies, temperatures will drop below freezing and severe frosts are likely. Sleet and snow are also to be expected particularly in northern areas and across high ground”.  If its unsafe to travel or train we’ll get a note out beforehand, otherwise wrap up warm

Session 2 will depend on conditions.  At the moment the plan is, run based circuits or 1mile intervals.  Bring it on!

Remember: Run to add life to your days, not days to your life…..

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