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Wot no falls?

The last competitive outing before Christmas so the hardy cross country folks head to my ancestral home (allegedly) to take on the latest PECO league race at Middleton Park in Leeds.

Judging by the amount of mist they did well to round up as many of the team as they could for the lovely photo before. Plenty of post race smiling is always good to see although I think Sean may have trodden in something judging by his reverse smile!

We had 7 ladies taking part and well done all of you for making the photoshoot. Mel lead the way, finishing in 40.45 (60th from 254) with Amy and Di snapping at her heels, finishing in 41.15 and 41.33 respectively. Next up was Harriet in 44.52, Amanda in 45.06, Laura in 50.30 and Lisa came home in 51.41. Very well done all of you.

For the gents we had 11 participants, with our ranks swelled by 3 new 2nd claim chaps so welcome Damian, James & Ross. Leading the way was Dom in 48th place and 32.37 with Glynn not too far behind in 33.19 and our own Partridge in a Pear Tree right on his wing in 33.27.

Next back was Damian in 34.36, Marc in 35.04, Billy in 38.05, Sean 39.29, Simon E 39.32, Danny in 41.09, James 41.44 and Ross in 48.18.

I think that's it for Christmas now with the next event that I'm sure plenty of you will be in being the Jolly Holly Jog in Ripon on 28th Dec followed by the Hardmoors 30 and 15 on New Years Day subject to whatever Christmas gifts Boris sends us in the coming days. The next PECO race is on 23rd Jan. The Calverley Cutter in Leeds is a good cross country 10 miler on 29th Jan.

Dewsbury 10K on 6th Feb is sold out but the Muddy Boots in Ripon on the same day is still open for entries albeit who knows where we will be in relation to Covid restrictions by then. Here's the link for those races if you would like to take a look,

That leaves parkrun from Saturday and only one place to start really, my dog got a PB round the misty mire running with Lucy. He's fast, he's slow, he stops, he starts and everything else in between. We had the following runners and results:

Beverley Westwood (I thought that was another new member at first until I realised it was the venue) - Jamie Butler 22.57.

Dalby Forest - Dom Carter 18.18, Alex Davis 19.18, Jim Carter 19.37, Andy Heather 21.03.

Flatts Lane (the very hilly Flatts Lane up near Guisborough) - Karen Travis 34.34.

Hes - Jordan Howe 15.57, Phil Raddall 28.46.

New Earswick - Danny Clayton 23.35, Chris Thompson 23.51.

Misty Mire - Simon Middleton 18.54, Sean Withill 22.52, Kev Armstrong 24.35, Lucy Turner & Billy the Dog 31.21

That's it from me folks. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Let's hope we get back to some sort of normality before the Spring.

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