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Who's got itchy legs?

So I don't know much about beauty products but I did think that mud was meant to be good for the skin. That doesn't explain why I've woken up this morning with itchy legs. What was in that mud? I thought it was just me but Mr Partridge is suffering as well. Must be a Simon thing or we've picked up a tropical disease from those deep puddles. We were in West Yorkshire after all, far from home.

Gone are the days when Postal Harriers turned up with 2 men and a dog to the Cross Country League. Yesterday we had 25 of us, splashing and sliding around in the mud with about 1000 other runners at Temple Newsam. I've just Googled the number 25 to see if I can come up with something enlightening. Wikipedia tells me first off that it's the number that comes after 24 and before 26. Enlightening stuff indeed for a Monday morning.

At 11am the massed ranks set off on the 5 mile course, slightly readjusted due to some gates being locked shut. Serious stuff. If you like sliding around and splashing about in muddy puddles then you were in your element, cracking stuff indeed. A couple of short laps at the start to warm the legs followed by a trip around the estate. The steepest of steep hills at the end followed by a mad dash to the finish.

Our trademark gathering at the end was in full voice, cheering on fellow runners, whether they wore our colours or not. We shared their pain and knew what they'd been through.

Well done to everyone taking part, a great team spirit was in evidence from start to finish. Good luck to those of you itching!

The next race is on 15th Dec and you can still enter the series here,

York parkrun

Darren Baker 19.24

Ian Smithson 19.38

Jim Carter 20.03

Simon Middleton 20.20

Jon Davies 24.33

Kev Ford 25.37

Lisa Ellwood 33.14

Glynn Ellwood 33.14

Karen Travis 33.49

Heslington parkrun

Amanda Clark 25.19

Clapham Common parkrun

Lucy Turner 35.14

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