While coach is away... PS he’s always watching

I’m away this week on a business trip to the far east – yep, Norwich! Mr Heather will be Wednesdays guest run leader putting the runners through their paces based on the following session.

YPH vs Strava Segment

Wednesday training is on as usual this week meeting at the Minster Inn at 18:30.

The session will start with our usual progressive and dynamic warm up of:

Legs sings (both sides. Front to back)

Leg swings (both legs, side to side)


Forward lunges

Warm up continues with a steady jog down to the riverside at Lendal Bridge (near the Star Inn the City. With those of you who have a race this weekend in mind the session will be of short duration but high in pace and intensity. For those of you on Strava there is a segment that runs from Lendal Bridge to Clifton Bridge – 1.3KM. Making use of what remaining summer light we have we will be running 4 x between the bridges repeats with a 2 minute recovery.

These efforts should be 8 out of 10 or more effort meaning that you should only be able to manage a 3 word sentence. If you are having a chat (it’s too slow) and if you cant breath (you are Mark 😊, or you are running too hard!) Let’s see some quality in the intervals putting the arm drive and forward foot strike to good use.

For those who fancy an additional incentive the Top 10 runners for this segment on Strava are 5 mins and under – bring it on!!




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