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Where were you when it rained?

So we went from the heat of Hes on Tues night to the rain on the plain on Sat morning. Not too many of us enjoy running in the rain by the looks of it - did we all over indulge on Fri evening?

Well done to everyone running and volunteering this weekend. Paul dipped under 19mins at Hes and Tom chalked up a course PB at Millfields. Ben & Lucy ran round New Earswick and Simon was tail walker at Keppel whilst Andy E donned his waterproofs and was the photographer also at Keppel.

Sadly we can't share the Keppel photos but we had a fantastic morning celebrating their first anniversary event. They had a record attendance of 17 including parkrun's Chief Operating Officer, Tom Williams. The team there have achieved incredible things and it's always a pleasure to run with the Keppel lads.

Elsewhere I can only find evidence of Dee, Jo and Phil taking part in the Manvers Dusk til Dawn event. As many laps as you can of a 3 and a bit mile course collecting a wrist band rather than £200 every time you pass Go. I think Dee & Jo clocked up an impressive 15 laps and 48.15 miles between them with Phil right on their tail with 44.86 miles (according to your Strava Phil!). Cracking efforts all round.

Here's the parkrun roundup

Heslington - Paul Hatfield 18.51

New Earswick - Ben Briffaud 23.39 & Lucy Turner 28.52

Keppel - Simon Middleton 45.17

Millfield - Tom Boyle 20.27 - COURSE PB!

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