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What's in a name?

Have you ever arrived at a place and thought it sounds lovely only to find out it's an industrial wasteland? That's Team Minster Inn right now. They're in Georgsmarienhutte not far from Osnabruck. It's a bit of a mouthful and would be a cracking score in Scrabble but I fear the board wouldn't be big enough to accommodate the name. Sounds like a decent enough place but Google tells me different. Our team have sent back the following photo.

See what I mean? On the bright side, it could be a massive choclate factory like Nestle. Very apt for Easter weekend. Anyway, that's 196.48 miles into the leg.

The way I pull together the miles each day is by starting off with the emails that have come through. It's mostly Mini Inners who email so I get really excited (a relative term) when I see my team closing the gap. Only then do I turn to FB and realise that is where the Pockets hang out so my moment of excitement is rapidly dulled as I realise my team haven't quite caught up. You need these little moments at a time like this!

It comes as no surprise therefore that P2S remain 30 miles in front, finding themselves in the town of Bakum at the 227.6 mile checkpoint. They're not showing any signs of weakness and are benefitting from a good number of their team just churning out steady mileage each day.

Bakum is clearly wellknown for its cherry blossom as that is pretty much all Google was offering me. They look like the setting for some nice trail runs though so I'm sure Dee will be very much at home with the blend of offroad and being in Germany.

That's it for today. Four days of holiday to come. Take care all and don't let the chocolate intake slow you down.

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