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What are the stories of your race?

One of the downsides of taking part in a race is that you only see what happens in and around your individual race. You miss the stories elsewhere. I'll never see Jordan storm to victory, I barely see him beyond the first few hundred metres. I'll never see his young apprentice, Dom achieve a top 20 finish. Thankfully I did get to see some top quality sprint finishes. Take Harriet for example, benefitting from the Postal roar as she chased down her rival and breached the finish line in front. Fleeting moments though and I miss not seeing what happens in the cut and thrust of the pack throughout the race.

I'll tell you what I did see. And hear. I had about 7K of Jim literally breathing down my neck. It wasn't a romantic moment I can tell you and when he trotted off after 7K that piece of elastic broke and I could keep up no longer, he was off to bother someone else with his heavy breathing. I write all this in jest of course and in all seriousness, well done Jim, you're running brilliantly at the moment. Long may it continue.

I saw Elliot up front about 2K in. He was coming closer. What's wrong here I thought as I wouldn't normally expect the Welsh Wizard to be coming to back to me. I also noticed that he kept looking at his watch and I kept thinking, stop looking at your bloody watch. I caught him up and exchanged a few words. We're team mates so they were polite words. Something along the lines of what's up mate, I wasn't expecting to be catching you up. Elliot tells me he's taking it easy. Thanks for that mate, a polite way of telling me I'm not going fast enough! He went on to tell me that at 3K he was picking it up to half marathon pace ahead of his race in Edinburgh. He wasn't lying either! Sure enough, 3K arrived, he looked at his watch and promptly effed off into the distance never to be seen again. In an odd way it was good to watch.

I also saw my new Postal Pacer, Mr Pearson. Last time at Tad we raced in together. This time round I had my nose in front up until 8K. The Haxby Harrier drew alongside and suggested I'd get him again on the descent into the finish. A bit of psychology from the younger man! What it did do was perk me up. My legs were tired. I find 10K's hard, harder than anything else. You're on your limit the whole way and it's tough. Marc got me going again and that's what team mates do. No need to say anything, just the mere presence of another Postie helps you find a gear you thought was lost. We had a great finish alongside a chap from YKH and another from Pickering, both unaware that I punch above my weight when it comes to a sprint finish.

I'm keen to hear the other stories. Who wants to share their story for the next race up? 3 laps of the Mire. It should be your fastest one but it's invariably not. The 3 laps seems to muck about with your mind. Focus less on being lapped by our speed machines, focus more on sticking to your own rhythm.

We did well last night. The ladies came 5th in their team event and the men 6th. And Jordan was first over the line for the third race on the bounce. 32.13, just incredible. Thank god for our ladies, shining a light on the Postal name yet again. A glorious evening spent burning up the roads around Easingwold. Brilliantly organised with top class support (and bag carrying) from our non-runners as well.

The last thing I'll say is don't forget to enjoy the moment. We're in a great position and we've got a number of Posties who are running the best times they've done. Plenty of you will get quicker without doubt, whether it's 35 mins, 45 mins, 55 mins matters not. Don't forget to enjoy the moment though and celebrate success. There's plenty of time to get quicker.

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