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Weekly Round Up to 20th Jan 2019

We've got three sets of results to bring you from the weekend with the latest results from the Cross Country League and the parkrun round up.

No Postal results blog can begin without mention of the Montane Spine Race. What a challenge that looks like! 268 miles along the full length of the Pennine Way from Edale in Derbyshire to Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders. Seven days to complete it.

There were a couple of hundred runners on the start line including our very own Jo Barrett. What an inspiring week it was, dot watching from afar through the race website. We knew when Jo was moving, when she was sleeping, when she was being patched up and the daily films from Montane made great viewing.

It was fabulous to see that the winner, Jasmin Paris made headlines outside of the running world. Race winner and new course record holder. But what of our Jo? She made it past 100 miles, she made it past 200 miles. Fabulous stuff. Sadly at 211 miles Jo's feet got the better of her - check out Jo's Facebook page if you want visual evidence!

I've been so inspired by what Jo achieved last week. A monumental achievement, one our club should be proud of.

On to slightly shorter distances. The fourth race in the PECO cross country league took place in Harrogate yesterday (Sun 20th). We had a great turnout and I have to say the depth of quality in this league is very impressive. If you finish in the top 100 you can count yourself a class runner. Glynn Ellwood was 76th in a time of 29.20, well done Glynn. The 2nd YPH was Si Partridge, 3rd Danny Clayton. Also running were Bill Shively, Simon Middleton, Jason Platten, Andy Heather, Sean Withill, Jonathan Richardson and Phil Raddall.

Our ladies were lead home by Mel Ellwood in 40.11, 2nd was Dee Bouderba only 7 seconds behind. Who says Dee can only go long! Our third lady was Deanna Dawkins. Also running were Laura Robson and Lisa Ellwood.

There was a great atmosphere at the event, loved it! Well done everyone for taking part and showing off the YPH colours. Thanks to all our supporters as well, it was a cold day to be watching. The next race is on 10th Feb at Roundhay Park.

Here's the link to the results,

Finishing up for this week with the parkrun results. If your name isn't showing and you completed a parkrun somewhere then it will be because YPH isn't listed as your club in your parkrun profile. Next time you get a parkrun results email just click on the manage profile button and add YPH in, simples!

York parkrun

14th - Darren Baker 19.29

15th - Simon Middleton 19.36

30th - Danny Clayton 19.57

58th - Mark Whitby 21.25

386th - Jayne Batt 31.29

435th - Lucy Turner 33.23

Heslington parkrun

54th - Andy Heather 21.51

96th - Danielle Gordon 23.48

New Earswick parkrun

5th - Marc Pearson 19.53

Great running everyone. That's it for this week. If I've missed any results out please get in touch and I'll add them in. Have a great week and hope to see plenty of you at training on Weds night, 6.30 at the Minster Inn, Marygate. New members very welcome.

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