We have winners!

It's not often I get chance to write this - WE HAVE PODIUM FINISHERS TO SHOUT ABOUT! Not just one but two, we're getting greedy!

I can't say I know much about triathlon other than watching the Brownlees and my Mrs did one a couple of years ago. And she's much better to look at than any Brownlees. Ian Smithson took part in the York Sprint Triathlon at Hes and showed all 364 competitors how it's done with an incredible 1st place finish.

What's a sprint triathlon I hear you all say. On further investigation this was 400M in the pool, 18K on the bike and a 5K run. If you're like me, you'll have no idea what a good time looks like for the wet bit and the pedalling bit. Our currency is the runny bit - 5K in 18.31 sounds like good going, especially after the first two sections. Well done Ian, great result!

Next up to the podium is one of our inhouse long distance experts, none other than Dee Bouderba. Taking part along with Jo Barrett at the Duncombe Park Marathon in Helmsley.

Dee finished in 5:06:12 to come home 3rd with Jo not too far behind in 5:15:47. Just to put that into context, Dee was just over a minute off 2nd place and less than 10 mins behind the winner. That's probably about a million miles that Dee and Jo have clocked up between them so far this year! Great running ladies.

The inaugural Ilkley Half Marathon was held yesterday with what looked like a good quality field. The winner was home in 1:11, which tells its own story. Our own Richard Hawkins finished in 1:44:41 and collected what looked like some nice bling and a t shirt along the way. Sounds like it's a cracking event to keep an eye out for next year.

We also had Coach Whitby taking part in the Dalby Forest Half Marathon. A 1:53 finish for coach with 1000 ft of climbing and wild terrain apparently. Think that means he saw some nettles at the side of the track. These road boys don‘t know how easy they have it.

Onto the parkruns. No mire event this week due the races so all eyes were on Hes and New Earswick. We also had Jase, Deanna and Beckham the dog in Keswick and Kev in Abingdon.

New Earswick parkrun

Paul Hatfield 19.43

Simon Middleton 20.36

Lucy Turner 32.13

Heslington parkrun

Danny Clayton 19.44

Katie Elliott 24.46 - NEW PB!

Helena Senior 39.41

Keswick parkrun

Deanna Dawkins 25.13

Jason Platten & Beckham 41.06

Abingdon parkrun

Kevin Armstrong 22.04


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