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We can do this when we are stronger together

So for the first time in the short lived history of the YPH website I have no weekend results to post, albeit I had a stunning victory when I found a 12 pack of toilet roll in Waitrose on Sat afternoon. Which got me thinking about what we can do differently to support each other and adjust to our new, hopefully shortlived, working & living patterns.

On our first Saturday without parkrun it occurred to me that I know lots of York parkrunners but only the version of them that I saw was on a Saturday morning. I was curious about what they got up to when they weren't in lycra during the rest of the week. I posed the question on New Earswick parkrun's Facebook page and got plenty of responses and learnt a whole heap of stuff about my friends.

So why don't we do the same. Here's my list of questions below. I'd love each of you to answer them and email them to me at If you're doing as I'm doing and working from home and/or schooling from home then send us a photo as well that I can include.

Once I've got those in I will start sharing on the website. Here goes (and let me know if there are some great questions that I can add in).

1. We all know you're a member of the famous York Postal Harriers but away from the club what does your work life look like (or retired or something else entirely)?

2. How has life changed in the last week and how have you been able to adapt your running routines?

3. Is there any support you need that your fellow YPHers could help with. Remember we're observing social distancing so it could be a weekly video call to have a chat or you might need some shopping delivering because you're self isolating.

4. Are there any skills you've got that could help others at this time. The Council is co-ordinating the volunteering effort so check out if you would like to / are able to offer your support.

5. In a positive sense, is there anything that the current situation has allowed you to do that you wouldn't have been able to previously? Have you worn a path around your garden yet trying to figure out how many laps you'll need to do to get to 5K?

6. Send us a photo of the new you in your best YPH gear. I've giving you a stunning example to start with.

7. Free format. What else would you like to share with your clubmates.

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