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Virtual Challenge - Leg One

So we all gathered, virtually of course, outside the Minster Inn at some ungodly hour this morning. 50 eager Postal Harriers ready to race to Dover via Cambridge and The Mall in London.

Our endeavours maybe cut short by strengthening Govt orders but for now we are good to exercise once a day whilst keeping our distance from everyone else.

Team Minster Inn set off at a fair old pace with some observers commenting that it was a marathon not a sprint. They’d had their Weetabix though and kept up a strong pace throughout the day.

Team Pocket to Socket had a slower start as Coach took them through a prolonged warm up on Marygate. Some of the veterans in the team thought there was going to be a mutiny as the eager beavers couldn’t get going until they’d gone through the full array of Joe Wicks like dynamic stretches. Coach was happy though.

The day passed peacefully enough and dusk duly arrived with the Minster Inn posse clocking up 122 miles. They are spending the night in the small village of Dunsby, not far from Stamford in Lincs. Someone, somewhere must have been their. Once.

The Pocket to Socketers paid the price for their late start and find themselves at the 87 mile point in the town of Waddington, just south of Lincoln.

Both teams are going well, bedding down two metres apart from each other and making the most of the campfire and tinnies as everywhere is shut.

Get a a good nights rest everyone. Day two in the Big Brother House looms large and London beckons. Who will be the first to make it to The Mall and the iconic finish line of the London Marathon?

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