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Think not what you've lost but what you've got

Apologies for the later than usual update today. It's been interesting to see some of the running related developments in the last day or so. My beloved Snowdonia Marathon was cancelled yesterday, completely in line with my expectations. That's at the end of Oct so I have to think that the York Marathon will go in the same direction sadly. Earlier this week, we also heard from parkrun that events in New Zealand should start up again soon, with July 4th being quoted as the earliest possible return date.

You'd think the latter announcement should be good news but some of the comments on social media beggar belief. People challenging why it couldn't be brought back any sooner for example. I'm sure you've all seen the comments lodged when races such as Snowdonia are cancelled. The majority accept it in good grace, a minority don't.

When I look at the races I've 'lost' this year - Cyprus Marathon, Liverpool Marathon, Windermere Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Snowdonia Marathon and countless 10K's and parkruns. Yes it's sad but I do wish the world would think first about what they've got. These events will all happen again and for the first time in a long time I'm finding I've got money left in my current account at the end of the month. No more too much month at the end of the money!

Whilst the current situation is unprecedented in our lifetimes, it has allowed for a lot of reflection. In the last 2 weeks, 2 of our dear friends have both lost their fathers. Not to CV19 but to cancer in both cases. I awoke this morning, remembering my 15 year old self who, 32 years ago today awoke to the news that my mum had died during the night. I write this not to seek sympathy but to remember, despite what we have lost, we have still got plenty to be thankful for. The fact we live in York and run for Postal Harriers are two pretty damn fine things to start with.

I'm proud to be part of a club where we have used the current situation to bond more. Yes we're missing out on the face to face training nights, parkruns and Sunday races but we're swapping stories on Facebook and taking the time to find new routes in our local areas. We're making the best of the cards we have been dealt and I'm grateful that I've got plenty to be thankful for.

Onto the competitive stuff! P2S achieved another victory yesterday, clocking up 89 miles v 62 from their rivals. The gap is shortening but Mini Inn are a little over 500 miles from the finish. Is there time to pull it back?

Mini Inn have made it to Lancaster and will shortly be cutting across country to Berwick Upon Tweed. Plenty of miles left yet though. Here's Lancaster Castle in all its glory.

Meanwhile, back on the Welsh Coast, P2S are in Aberystwyth. Another gem of a location by the sea. Looks a bit Hogwarts like to me.

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