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The Spectre of Defeat

A few weeks ago the prospect of running 2659.24 miles from the Minster Inn to Red Square felt like we may have bitten off more than we could chew. It's amazing what a group can achieve, even when they are working remotely.

The cruel facts are that the spectre of defeat is shining brightly in Red Square this morning. Mini Inn made it yesterday afternoon and it was Jon Davies who got them over the finish line. If you look closely you can spot them all celebrating in the afternoon sunshine.

It wasn't just the Mini Inn team who were excited. News of the pending arrival of an elite team from Yorkshire had reached the inner sanctum of the Kremlin and Mr Putin sent out his favourite recorder player to welcome them across the finish. You know you've made it big when the recorders come out.

To be fair to Pocket to Socket, they had their strongest day for some time and have closed in on Moscow, finding themselves 119.86 miles from the finish. Keep on logging your miles today Team P2S as it would be great for you to finish by the time of the Zoom party at 6.30pm tonight. I've stopped logging Mini Inn miles so no need to post or email in for now Mini Inners. Apologies to the Mini Inners who emailed in and were unceremoniously deleted, we will need your miles again very soon.

P2S spent the night in the town of Gagarin, which was renamed in honour of the man himself. Good old Yuri, the first man in space. They've even got a statue of him in the centre of town, makes a change from a tank.

So that's almost it for this challenge. Incredible effort by everyone, and that is the key point, it has been everyone. We've had 55 club members all logging miles regularly. The difference has probably come down to the Mini Inners having more frequent 10 mile plus runs and over three weeks it only takes 5 miles a day difference in totals to create a 100 mile gap.

Whilst Mini Inn are resting up and waiting for the party to start, P2S' challenge is to get there in time. Crack on folks, we can't wait to see you later today.

Here's the party link, bring a beer and click in at 6.30 tonight.

Your next challenge will be announced tonight...

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