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The new Covid impact

Mask wearing, social distancing, isolating etc etc. We've all become familiar with these new features of our lives in the last two years. There's one more to add to the list.

Did I enter the race? Never got the email!

At least two Postal Harriers (who shall remain nameless) matched this new category as hundreds of runners started arriving at Dalby Forest. Elements of confusion setting in as the new phrase of the year, Deferred Entry, was often heard above the general hubbub.

Admit it. You've all done it! Entered two years ago, maybe longer. Your calendar has long since gone out of date. Your spreadsheet is struggling to cope under the strain of postponed entries. Can I defer, can't I defer? I'll just turn up anyway and plead ignorance.

With the Dalby Dash clashing with the start of the PECO season we split our resources and had teams camped in the forest and also on the cross country fields of Middleton Woods, my ancestral home near Leeds. Not really.

Cross Country is a bit like Hardmoors. No one ever really knows how far it is. Especially with reports telling me of whippets at the front going off in the wrong direction. Pays to be slower.

We had 11 hardy souls dirtying their trail shoes in Leeds with a number of very creditable performances as you can see from the results.

Meanwhile, over in the forest we had many a nervous runner 'looking forward' to the killer hill before descending like speed demons down the mountain bike trails. After 5K of downhill, hitting the bottom for the last K often feels like you're going back up hill again. Very Bishop Wilton like.

After a recent run of good form, the smart money was on Jordan repeating his latest victories. Shame the bookies weren't in evidence although I'm not sure the odds would have been very attractive. I parked myself at the bottom of the hill, less than 1K into the course and he had a lead of about 100m at that point. Deal done?

No one got anywhere near really and he finished in style with a lead of about a kilometre. Equally impressive was Coach Becky who was 3rd overall and 1st lady. I almost missed her as she had some curious black and yellow shirt on but happy for her to be on honorary Postie for the day! Plenty more strong performances from Sam, Andy, Lee Flan (yep he still runs!), Jonathan, Laura and Lucy in her rather marvellous poppy inspired fancy dress.

Sam was running that well he even found time to preach...

Here's the link to the full results, well done all.

That just leaves parkrun from Saturday so apologies as always if I've missed anyone. A quick trawl of Strava combined with a few of the usual results sites is about as much time as I can devote to hunting down your performances. If you're off in some far off land (Lancashire for example) doing something a bit random then just send me a message and I'll include your results.

Here comes the parkrun stuff, we had Karen at Conyngham Hall in 33.46, Kev at Fountains Abbey in 23.34, Alex in the big smoke at Gunnersbury in 21.13, a few at Hes with Dom 17.59, Jim 19.23, Danny 21.18, Jamie 22.04, Andy 22.14 & Amanda 24.17. Andrew H-J was at Ludlow in Shropshire in 25.39, Jon D in 21.54 at Millfield, yours truly at NE in 26.33 and Lucy in 34.17. Last but not least we had Jess 22.29 & Harriet 25.53 at the Mire.

Have a great week everyone.

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