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The man with the golden gun

OK, it's starting to get tenuous but today is a celebration of the Postie who racked up the most mileage yesterday, 15 in total. A member of our hall of fame and the man with the golden mailbag, our very own Bill. A classic film firmly set in the sexist laden language of the Roger Moore era. Lead villain with three nipples, a midget henchman, a leading lady by the name of Miss Goodnight and cameo role from a glamorous Chinese lady who went by the name of Chew Me. The things they got away with in the 70's.

My keyboard continues to struggle with an absence of the Russian alphabet so the towns you're in may not be the towns you're in so to speak. I've gone for the closest option that includes a full set of letters that feature on my laptop.

Pocket to Socket were showing signs of a better day, what with Bill chipping in with his 15 miles plus 10 a piece from Danielle and Emily, with the two ladies turning out to be the engine room of P2S with regular 10+ mile contributions.

Yesterday's efforts leave P2S in a town that I can't spell or pronounce and looks like something from a game of Pictionary. Closest I can muster is Yartsevo, that place from yesterday that's alleged to have tonnes of gold in the hills. Well it did until Mini Inn plundered them yesterday. Their subsequent progression to Moscow being slowed down by the size of the gold nuggets in their shorts...

That's 1478.18 miles in for the record for P2S.

Meanwhile, Mini Inn are close, very close. Putin is finishing off his welcome preparations. 51.12 miles outside of the capital in the town of Odintsovo. They will surely finish today. Just one Mini Inner logging more than 10 miles yesterday, which was Glynn with 13.

Have a great day all and don't forget the finish line party in Red Square / Zoom tomorrow night at 6.30pm.

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