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The Big Easy

What a difference a fortnight makes. The biblical storm from Pocklington seemed like a world away as the Postal runners arrived in sunny Easingwold, the heat of the day having faded to give us a perfect evening, perfectly demonstrated by the uniformity of the pre-race smiles above.

I spent the night watching from close to the finish so I can't tell you much about the race itself. We came across Billy loitering on a street corner enjoying his tea. My four legged friend, also Billy, was making it clear that he would also like to enjoy Billy's tea. Mr Shively demonstrated that he still has a keen turn of pace to shield his sarnies from my advancing hound. That was as exciting as it got whilst you lot were clocking off the first 9.5K.

After watching the start we witnessed Jordan settling into an early lead so we were keen to see if the Postal Kipchoge had managed to build on that or if the ever growing hordes of fast boys from Taddy Harriers had ganged up on him.

We didn't have to wait long as, right on cue, at 8.02pm our champion from last year turned the corner and up the hill. We held our breath waiting to see where his rivals were. Jordan came and went and still no 2nd place in sight. The Taddy Express rolled into view but the Postal Flyer had long since departed the scene and was no doubt crossing the line as we celebrated a first victory of the Summer League season.

It was great to see Dom consolidate his marvellous results from Tad & Pock with another top 6 finish and a realisation that the only way Jim will ever be the quickest runner in his house again is to evict his son.

We had another couple of chaps finishing with sub 40 min times, Damian Mawer and the aforementioned Jim Carter whilst Marc Pearson and Neale Holmes completed our top 6 for the men's team. Good work gents and great to see some new faces logging points for us in the team competition.

Over to our ladies and it's brilliant to see that a 3.26 marathon in Manchester was no flash in the pan for Jess Harvie, following it up with an impressive 43.23 on the slightly less mean streets of Easingwold.

Our newest member, Louise Boaz claimed 2nd place in her first outing for Postal with a strong finish in 45.59 and then came Chessie, Di, Nat and Hannah completing our top 6 and all finishing within one minute of each other.

Competition is hotting up to be a top 6 finisher in either of our teams and it's clear we've got a growing number of runners who are pushing each other to achieve even more.

Here's a link to the results, They don't quite reflect the true picture as we've still got a few of our newer members from City of York showing against their former club. A minor issue, at least they've chosen the right colour of shirt to wear!

In terms of age category results we had a number of top 10 finishers. Jordan and Dom were 1st and 5th respectively. Jess 4th, Louise 7th, Chessie 9th and Di 5th in their respective categories. Well done everyone and whether you were first, last or somewhere in between, you all did our club proud on a fabulous night out.

Apologies to Jackie, I was too busy talking and missed you coming over the finish line so thank you for striking a pose specially for the cameras!

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