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Spelling just got difficult

You all spent Easter Monday in Berlin, hope you had a good time. I didn't see any photos on Facebook, shame on you all for not sharing your fun! Here's one of mine that I managed to get from the roof of the Reichstag. although it may not have been taken yesterday.

Not content with resting on our laurels, both teams powered on through Berlin and breached the Polish border. Get ready for lots of X's, Y's and Z's for the next few days. Some first class scrabble scores abound. Apologies in advance if I lose the will to live with spelling some of these places, it's like driving in Wales.

It remains very close out on the road with the leading changing hands numerous times throughout the day. There was real excitement in my kitchen ten minutes ago as I was logging the mileage and started to think us Mini Inners had opened up a big gap over around 50 miles. That fat lady wasn't singing though and the last few posts on FB saw those pesky P2Sers log 48 miles with big contributions from Emily with 17, Team Gordon - Smithson with 17 and Jonathan with 14. Taught me to get chirpy too early.

Elsewhere during the day, P2S benefitted from some big numbers from Billy with 12 and Dee with 10. Not to be outdone, the Mini Inners had some 10+ contributors themselves with Paul 13, DBG 11, Si P 10, Rachel 10 and Team Ellwood 16.

All that leaves Team Minster Inn 661.36 miles into the final leg in the town of Pniewy. See what I mean about spelling? Pocket to Socket have forged into a small lead with 668.45 miles logged and they are in Bytyn. Sounds like biting to me, aggressive bunch those socketers.

The photo above is Pniewy and Biting is below.

The next big town of note is Poznan but Warsaw is over 200 miles away. Big place Poland.

With just over 1000 miles to the finish there's probably another week and a bit to go. No sign of the lockdown finishing by then so we are good to go virtually all the way to Moscow.

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