Sockets on the move in Mobile

So Wednesday 13th May will forever be known as the day we slowly started to return to our new normal. Whilst we have all been sailing through the same storm, we haven't been in the same boat so whilst we have many in our ranks who have been working throughout, I imagine more will have returned yesterday. In the meantime, we will have plenty, me included, who continue to work from home or are furloughed. Whatever your situation, all your club mates wish you well.

It's barely 8.30 and I've already had a smile on my face. My mornings have slipped into a regular routine. We start with a 5 minute drive down the road to take Lucy to work before breakfast and the daily results report. Only once that is done does work start! Highlight of this morning was seeing the workmen out and about on Haxby Road, painting new markings on the road. Looks like they've also been busy on Wiggy Rd outside the hospital and it was lovely to see a Thank You NHS message painted across the road. Think of the steep climbs on the Tour de France where you see the names of heroes chalked across the tarmac of Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux and many more. The pan flat aspect of Wiggy Road is sharing the name of its heroes today.

What happened yesterday then? Well, Mini Inn claimed another victory. P2S minimised the damage though, as they have done throughout. Their bad days are not too bad so Mini Inn racked up 88 miles with P2S only 5 miles behind with 83.

This has left P2S in the Alabama city of Mobile overnight. The race passes quickly through Alabama and they will be out of it again and into the final state of the race, Florida. Everything continues to look good for the socketers. With 650 miles to go, Mini Inn are running out of time (pardon the pun) to make a dent in their lead.

Here's Mobile in all its glory.

Mini Inn, possibly seeing the writing on the wall, took the option to take a breather and enjoy the ambience in New Orleans overnight. Running shoes became dancing shoes as they strutted their stuff on Bourbon Street. The gap remains 150 miles give or take.

Finally today we have another YPH birthday to celebrate. FB tells me it's the last year of your 20's for Danielle. Have a great day Danielle and feel free to take your foot off the gas today and rest up, that's your birthday wish from Team Minster Inn. Sat here realising that makes me 18 years older than you, FFS I feel old!!!

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