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Our cross country runners finally got their hands on some silverware yesterday for some fine running in those dim and distant pre Covid times. Rumour has it the trophy had gone missing in the Wetherby area only to be found and rightfully claimed by the Postal bounty hunters. In scenes reminiscent of the theft of the football world cup in 1966, the cross country trophy was hunted down by a dog sniffing in a nearby bush. Allegedly. Just in case you're wondering what the hell I'm going on about,

The real action yesterday took place in West Park in Leeds and we had some great synchronicity with Jess leading the way for the ladies and Glynn doing the same for the gents, both finishing in 54th place in their respective races. The strength in depth of our ladies team being highlighted by the fact that there was 2min 06 secs between our first five finishers.

It was a similar situation in the men's race with 2min 52 secs covering our first five finishers. Great to see the closeness of the competition and well done to everyone taking part.

Ladies Results

54th Jess Hayward 35.53

71st Mel Ellwood 36.43

73rd Louisa Mamalis 36.57

83rd Amy Johnson 37.28

93rd Di Campbell 37.59

112th Harriet Sleight 39.02

135th Amanda Clark 40.37

236th Lisa Ellwood 46.24

Mens Results

54th Glynn Ellwood 29.38

68th Dom Carter 30.18

80th Si Partridge 30.44

82nd Jim Carter 30.45

142nd Marc Pearson 32.29

233rd Bill Shively 35.14

236th Jamie Butler 35.23

258th Danny Clayton 35.59

259th Simon Edwards 36.01

287th Sean Withill 37.14

327th Andrew Halcro-Johnston 38.43

407th Phil Raddall 46.00

We've got a caption competition to finish the cross country roundup. It's become clear over the series of PECO races that Jim & Sean have been a photographer's dream as they've all too eagerly shared their best moments with the paparazzi. They were at it again yesterday but it seems that Jim's best joke wasn't quite as funny as he thought judging by Sean's reaction. The camera never lies!

The final race of the PECO season takes place at Roundhay Park on 20th Feb. Here's a couple of links if you'd like to see a good selection of local events, many of them still open for entries:

and one for those with brain wiring problems,

That leaves the parkrun roundup and what a day it was with not one but two first place finishers as Postal Harriers lead the way at two thirds of the York events. Well done to Alex and Jordan.

Cusworth Hall

9th Jamie Butler 22.08


129th Lucy Turner 31.39


88th Phil Raddall 29.03


1st Jordan Howe 15.53


21st Ben Briffaud 20.46


30th Andrew Halcro-Johnston 22.46

60th Richard Hawkins 26.02

101st Karen Travis 31.03

New Earswick

1st Alex Davis 18.50

13th Danny Clayton 22.20


15th Ian Smithson 18.22

26th Dom Carter 19.24

30th Jim Carter 19.33

77th Mark Dodsworth 21.47

78th Jon Davies 21.51

150th Sara de Jong 24.13

192nd Si Partridge 24.53

208th Kev Armstrong 25.23

I'll finish this week with a highly entertaining insight into how our membership process works. We continue to get a steady stream of new members and enquiries through our website demonstrating that you lot posting your results in the Whatsapp group so I can write a report each week is having a positive impact as well as the fact that we are all lovely, down to earth people and why wouldn't you want to be a Postal Harrier?

If any of your friends are asking how you join and what happens then it's as simple as this:

  1. They fill in the form under the membership tab on our website. We don't ask for much info and the only question they might struggle with is if they're not familiar with what first and second claim means. First claim essentially means YPH will be their only club and they will pay the full fee of £30. Second claim means they run primarily for another club but want to come down to our training sessions where we will brainwash them and duly convert them to first claim the following year. Second claim membership is £15.

  2. At the same time as submitting their form they use the bank details shown on our website to make an online payment of their fees, either £30 or £15.

  3. Once they have submitted their form, it automatically comes to me by email. I send it to our Treasurer (Carl) who lets me know once they have paid. I send a message back to the new member welcoming them to the club and asking if they want to join our Whatsapp Group and highlight our Facebook page.

  4. I then send their details to our Secretary (Bill) who registers them with England Athletics.

  5. England Athletics post out a membership pack to the new member with details of their EA reg number that they can now use to get entry discounts and other benefits.

  6. They are now a fully fledged member of the famous Postal Harriers!

That's all for this week. Have a great week and enjoy your running.

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