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Results Roundup

Only one place to start this week. Bishop Wilton! A new course but the same old rain making the off road section interesting to say the least. I hope the off road marshals survived the night as I was concerned for one or two of them as I was struggling to apply the brakes as I hurtled downhill through the mud towards them.

It it was fabulous to hear at the finish that our own Ian Ellwood had scooped back to back wins. Brilliant result on a very tough course. I mentioned in the car on the way home that one of the downsides of winning must be that all your mates are still out on the course and not there to cheer you home. Must have been great to have your mum there to do all the shouting Ian.

If anyone is fretting about their time last night then don’t!! It’s not a course to worry about what your watch says. Just tell anyone who asks today that you’ve finished one of the toughest 10K ‘road’ races. And smile at them.

Here’s the parkrun roundup from Saturday.


Kevin Armstrong 23.21

Longrun Meadow

Harriet Nancekivell 28.40


Chris Thompson 21.52

Katie Elliott 24.53 (first time sub 25!)

Conyngham Hall

Andy Ellwood 31.02

Lisa Ellwood 39.27


Helena Senior 31.21

Have a great week all, see you soon.

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