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Results roundup - Updated

Wow, what a weekend! The Harriers were out in force across the length of the country. Mostly in evidence at the very well organised Vale of York 10 yesterday but also read on for news of Billy on tour in Brighton. I'm waiting for the latest video montage of his dance moves.

I hope I've managed to find everyone's results, my apologies if not. Thanks to Jonathan for getting in touch re the Swainby 16 mile trail race. I’ve updated the results below.

Early news of Club Night on Weds 24th April. As many of you know, I start my 7 in 7 challenge on Easter Monday. On the Wednesday I will be trying to time my run to get to the Minster Inn at 6.30 with around 10K left. It would be great if as many Harriers (and potential new Harriers) came along to join me. All fully sanctioned by Coach Whitby - he might have a job on his hands getting me to do some lunges.

Vale of York 10

Darren Baker 1:04:26

Paul Hatfield 1:06:01

Andy Heather 1:12:32 - New PB

Jason Platten 1:12:50 - New massive PB

Simon Middleton 1:12:57

Kevin Armstrong 1:18:37

Lucy Turner 1:33:41

Brighton Marathon

Bill Shively 3:25:49

Swainby 16 mile trail race

Richard Hawkins 2:28:44

Jonathan Richardson 2:41:42

York parkrun

Danny Clayton 19:06

Darren Baker 21:00 - the magic 00 that a pacer dreams of

Sean Withill 22:46 - New PB

Wetherby parkrun

Andy Ellwood 26.08

Heslington parkrun

Tom Boyle 19.29

Deanna Dawkins 25.05 - New PB

Helena Senior 28.46 - New PB

Kevin Armstrong 30.10

Dalby Forest parkrun

Lucy Turner 26.29

New Earswick parkrun

Patrick Hough 20.31

Jon Davies 21.34

Keppel parkrun

Simon Middleton 20.05

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