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Results roundup - UPDATED

A bumper weekend with PBs a plenty. The landlord at the Minster must be adding something to his beer or is it a case of the harder you train?

Dave Cook and Dee Bouderba successfully completed the 33 miles of the Punk Panther Welcome Way Ultra in 7hrs 45mins including a 30 min shandy stop. Must have been a big glass and also questioning why Harriers are drinking shandy!

Great to see 15 Harriers taking part in parkrun across the country. Watch out for one of our own causing a stir in the capital.

York parkrun

Darren Baker 19.22

Patrick Hough 19.54 PB!

Mark Whitby 20.37

Andy Heather 20.57

Jim Carter 20.57

Kevin Armstrong 22.06

Sean Withill 22.49 PB!

Andy Ellwood 25.20

Heslington parkrun

Mark Thompson 18.46 PB!

Danny Clayton 19.48

Jason Platten 20.53 PB!

Deanna Dawkins 25.17 PB!

Phil Raddall 26.45

Bushy parkrun

Lucy Turner 40.29 - a quiet one at the the home of parkrun with ‘only’ 1430 in attendance. Check out the familiar face in the run report

Keppel parkrun

Simon Middleton 21.30

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help at Hes parkrun this coming Sat. The roster is crammed full of Harriers, a beautiful thing! Still spaces available so please drop me a line if you can help.

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