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Posties in Potsdam

Time for a confession. The irrational level of excitement I get about 8.30 each morning when I'm logging everyone's miles is well, irrational. Laptop set up, cup of coffee and tapping the miles into the spreadsheet. It's not exactly advanced mathematics that Alan Turing would be proud of but it does the job. I'm quite good at adding, reminds me of the scene in Blackadder II with Blackadder teaching Baldrick to add up using beans. Check it out on You Tube.

The totals at the bottom of each column changing as the miles come in. Gets quite exciting you know, especially when Team Minster Inn are getting back into the race. I love it when I hear that Carl racked up 17.3 miles yesterday as he's a team mate. Not so keen when Marc tells me he's done 19 and Danny 18.7. The next scroll down the page means I need a Mini Inner with big mileage, so Andy H with 12, Rachel with 11.2 and Jon with 10 brought a cheer. Not so exciting (unless you're a P2S) when I read that Emily has 10.9, Danielle 11.3, Hannah 12.1 and Jim 13.2. A begrudging well done Team P2S!

P2S welcomed a new member to their ranks yesterday with Stu Baker joining the party and announcing his arrival with 9.23 miles. With Marc on the same team the streets of Haxby & Wigginton are going to be busy with those two hammering out the miles whilst keeping 2 metres apart from each other.

As we wake up on Easter Monday we find both teams deadlocked again although I'm duty bound to say that the fabulous Mini Inn have a slender lead, 549.59 miles v 547.88. Amazing to think after all these miles that we little more than a mile between us. We are a mere 14 miles from the centre of Berlin so a few cheeky beers later on today in Potsdamer Platz await us.

In the meantime we have the pleasure of spending time in Potsdam, famous for its castles and palaces with more UNESCO world heritage sites than anywhere else in Germany. Here's a taste of what you've been enjoying overnight.

So Berlin awaits with the Polish border not far beyond. After that it's Belarus before our final country, Russia. Plenty of miles to go before then though and the virtual after party that will take place once we hit Red Square. Watch this space for more news as we close in on Moscow.

Enjoy Easter Monday everyone. Plenty of Posties will remember Easter Monday last year, day one of my 7in7 challenge with plenty of YPHers taking part. Day One was the marathon of York parkruns and I can remember plenty of you taking part or cheering on, especially from Heslington track. Other highlights of the week were the Weds run when loads of you came out to do the last 10K as part of club night. The fabulous finish line photo on Bootham that night adorns my kitchen wall. Indulge me whilst I share a few more. Sat at the station waiting for the train to the big smoke on the Sat morning and DGB cycled up to wave me off was class. Not quite so classy was the swig of beer I grabbed off him halfway round the London Marathon course on the Sun. A truly fantastic week that feels a lifetime away now but goes to show what a first class bunch of people we have at YPH.

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