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Posties celebrate lockdown easing

It was clear that Team Postal Harriers were taking advantage of the new lockdown rules yesterday with one of the quietest days on the roads since we began our virtual challenge series back on 24th March. That's right, 24th March! Who thought we'd still be running our way around the planet getting on for 3 months later.

119 miles were logged in total yesterday, evidently lots of BBQs for 6 taking place. It was day one back at school in our house for Grace. Making the most of the last few weeks of Year 6 before she heads off to Jo Ro. The caretaker has been busy painting yellow footprints all over the playground. I couldn't work out if it was social distancing guidance or some sort of bizarre take on Twister. Once I'd untangled myself I managed to escape.

No more bonus miles so yesterday it was back to simple hard miles in the sun. Mini Inn chalked up another daily victory with 83 miles v 56 from P2S. The gap remains around 250 miles.

Mini Inn have made it all the way to Cornwall. 47 years old and I've still never been to Cornwall. Reckon I've been to all the other counties in our fair land apart from that one. Their overnight stop was in the only city in the county, Truro.

Here's Truro, looks a bit York like if you take the hills away.

A little quiz question for today, answer in the Facebook comments. No bonus miles available, just something for fun. Who knows where this is below? A likely destination for Mini Inn today, and P2S if they get their rocket packs on.

I'm no fan of heights so it would take be about half an hour to edge across this terror inducing bridge. Not as bad as the Clifton Bridge in Bristol. A visit to the local parkrun a few years ago was followed by a very nervy nudge across the bridge. What did I think was going to happen?

Back to Team Pocket to Socket. They are in Poole, Dorset. Somewhere I have visited and home to one of the UK's fastest parkrun tracks thanks to it's pancake flat prom location. Best photo I could find is this one of their amazing twin sails bridge. Cunningly named because they look like 2 sails. Clever folks down in Poole.

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