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Postal turn York red white and blue

There were stunning performances everywhere you looked yesterday from the army of marvellous Postal Harriers taking on the Yorkshire Marathon and 10 mile races. We had plenty of first timers and plenty of PBers. Too many to choose from, which tells its own story about where this wonderful club is going. Tell your friends and get them to come and join us. Stronger together.

I'm going to start with the marathon. Trawling the results has been a tad painful with a search by club name only revealing 4 of us. I reckon we had 11 finishers and I'm really sorry if I've missed you off. Just let me know and I'll gladly add you in (

We had 3 runners crossing the line in sub 3.15 so very well done Paul, Jim and Marc. Next up we had Sam followed by Andy and Jon. Our first lady back was Jess, debuting at this distance with a sub 4 hours. I staggered in next followed by another impressive marathon debut from Mel with Dee a couple of minutes further back. Last but by no means least, well done Phil on chalking up another marathon. I'm really chuffed that of the 80+ folk who have completed all 7 events to date we still have 2 YPH on the list, well done Dee and me!

I can't finish on the marathon without mentioning our Bill. A big day for Bill in his England vest and I know how much it meant. Really sorry to see you struggling with your hamstring Bill and hope you're back on those roads again soon.

Our Ladies Co-Captain Deanna was quick off the mark with her 10 mile write up this morning. Keen as ever to sing the praises of her team mates. Our ladies were chalking up PB's all over the place so big respect to Katie, Helena, Deanna and Sophie.

We had 14 runners in the 10 miler so 25 incredible Harriers across both events, not forgetting Di who took part in the relay.

Our thoroughbred Mr Baker lead the way in the 10 miler with an impressive 64 min finish. The race was on between 71 and 75 mins with Chris, Patrick, Jase and Mark all crossing the line within minutes (and seconds) of each other. Well done Mark on your first run in the hallowed Postal vest, first of many I'm sure.

Then came the stampede of the ladies with Sophie leading the way in an incredible 80 mins followed by Deanna, Katie, Amy, Helena and Alison. Not forgetting Rich and also great to see Si back on the road.

What a day, proud to be a Postal Harrier.

Impressive effort from Si, running 10 miles with a pint in his hand. Doesn't look like you spilt much either.

Amy, Sophie, Katie, Deanna and Jase adding a touch of glamour in front of the loos!

Elsewhere over the weekend, Jo polished off yet another ultra marathon at the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Ultra. A mere 70K affair! Well done Jo.

Here's the full results:

Yorkshire Marathon

Paul Hatfield 3.11.47

Jim Carter 3.13.35

Marc Pearson 3.14.18

Sam Lynn 3.20.16

Andy Heather 3.30.46

Jon Davies 3.36.19

Jess Hayward 3.59.39

Simon Middleton 4.17.32

Mel Ellwood 4.20.46

Dee Bouderba 4.23.48

Phil Raddall 5.38.58

Yorkshire 10 mile

Darren Baker 1.04.36

Chris Bush 1.11.04

Patrick Hough 1.11.06

Jason Platten 1.13.00

Mark Dodsworth 1.13.04

Chris Thompson 1.15.01

Sophie Johnson 1.20.54

Deanna Dawkins 1.24.23

Katie Elliott 1.28.08

Amy Johnson 1.32.15

Richard Hawkins 1.37.31

Simon Partridge 1.43.36

Helena Senior 1.46.54

Alison Catlow 1.55.03

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Ultra Marathon (70K)

Jo Barrett 11.53

York parkrun

Kevin Armstrong 21.44

Jim Carter 23.43

Andy Heather 25.34

Darren Baker 25.35

Rising Sun parkrun

Danny Clayton 22.06

Amanda Clark 26.11

Heslington parkrun

Elliot Cole 17.56

Jon Davies 23.41

Helena Senior 34.16

New Earswick parkrun

Lucy Turner 41.03

Simon Middleton 41.04

Keppel parkrun

Andy Ellwood 31.23

Castle Howard parkrun

Richard Hawkins 22.21

Karen Travis 32.30

That's it for this week. Rest well everyone and have a great week.

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