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Pearson Makes His Marc - UPDATED

It was the Ripon 10 mile road yesterday, a hilly affair around Fountains Abbey. Delighted to report that the first York runner back was wearing our colours. A mighty impressive 14th out of 318 for Marc Pearson.

Great result Marc, hope there’s enough in the tank for Tad. Our on course reporters managed to grab a quick interview with the YPH hero post race. What will go down as one of the great quotes went like this, “After the first half mile I passed one person and didn’t get passed by anyone!” Obviously made the wrong deodorant choice yesterday Marc.

I've managed to miss a couple of chaps in the Leeds Half and also Dee's latest marathon (ultra) in the Hardmoors event. Sorry to all of you for missing them off the original post.

Here is the full roundup:

Ripon 10

Marc Pearson 1:09:05

Leeds Half Marathon

Chris Thompson 1:45:11

Kevin Armstrong 1:48:31

Wainstones Trail Marathon

Dee Bouderba 7:51:41

York parkrun

Danny Clayton 19.39

Mark Whitby 20.39

Jim Carter 22.40

New Earswick parkrun

Tom Boyle 20.02 - Course PB

Heslington parkrun

Darren Baker 18.39 - Course PB

Jason Platten 20.43 - NEW PB

Andy Heather - 20.54

Hannah Smithson - 23.04 - NEW PB

Kevin Armstrong - 24.46

parkrun volunteers

Ben Briffaud - RD at New Earswick

Simon Middleton - RD at Keppel

Andy Heather - Heslington

See you all at Tad tomorrow, 7.30 start.

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