parkrun all the way

It was a story of first place finishes and a couple of classy PB's on Saturday. Huge festive congratulations to the following Postal Harriers:

Patrick - a first place finish at Newcastle West parkrun in the Emerald Isle. Same finish time as the guy in 2nd and only 6 seconds in front of 3rd place. I've got visions of an Olympic final home straight as Patrick put his foot down and got his pocket to socket going in full flow.

Mel - sometimes when you look at the results you just get a sense that a club mate has chalked up a monster PB. That was the sense when I saw Mel's time this morning. 22.07 round the mire is an 8 second PB and puts Mel as close to sub 22 as Jim is to sub 19. Who will be the first to get there?

Sophie - another storming performance taking nearly half a minute off her PB. 24.29 round the mire - what was it with the mire on Saturday? Staging ground for some cracking runs.

Well done all 3 of you, inspiring stuff.

The only other result from the week was this group of Happy Harriers safely negotiating the city centre pubs. No times available but it looks like a good time was had by all.

The final offering this week features Santa's top tips for a happy Christmas of running.

1. When you're running down the street and the pedestrians in front form their version of Hadrian's Wall, don't get mad. Just trot past and wish them Merry Xmas, safe in the knowledge that your average pace has only slowed by one second per KM.

2. If alcohol consumption ruins your Xmas Day parkrun plans, don't use Strava to tell the world what your excuse is. All your mates are just happy that you were out in the fresh air. We don't need to know that your slower than normal run was caused by external factors.

3. So Santa's brought you some sparkly new trainers. They can't stay clean forever. Get yourself on those steep and muddy Knavesmire hills to christen them asap. You have a short window of opportunity around 3pm when the Queen's on.

4. Cheesy one to finish. Surveying your presents you realise you have an assortment of socks, aftershave/perfume and those naff gifts that shops produce once a year. Don't be dismayed, you already have the best gift. You're a Postal Harrier!

That's almost it from the running results elf for 2019. A very happy Christmas to all Postal Harriers and your families. Have a great time and remember, to parkrun on Christmas Day really is quite normal.

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