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Only celebs at the Monkey were the 1st Class Harriers

Walking across the Mire to the parkrun start line on Saturday morning you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Brass Monkey would be in doubt the following day. Ice on the tarmac and stereotypical pea souper fog. The weather gods were smiling though and Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, just what you need on the open, barren Monkey course.

We had a fabulous line-up joining the other 1500 or so and social media tells me Dermot O'Leary was also there. A mere minor celeb compared to the stars in blue. The cross country kit was packed away for the weekend and the road shoes were back in action for the first time in a while.

There were 18 Posties out on the course in a high quality field where you need to run sub 1:20 to get in the top 200. Our results and photos from the course (thanks Danielle and Laura for the photos) were as follows:

218th Alex Ashley-Roberts 1:23:02

241st Dom Carter 1:24:07

288th Marc Pearson 1:25:57

484th Ben Briffaud 1:33:59

578th Danny Clayton 1:37:28

579th Chris Bush 1:37:30

580th Andy Heather 1:37:37

721st Simon Edwards 1:42:25

875th Andrew Halcro-Johnston 1:48:39

900th Jess Hayward 1:49:20

901st Louisa Mamalis 1:49:21

911th Harriet Sleight 1:49:54

973rd Emily Arkle 1:52:32

976th Hannah Smithson 1:52:35

1050th Kev Armstrong 1:56:27

1142nd Laura Robson 2:01:10

1209th Jo Barrett 2:06:54

1298th Phil Raddall 2:13:12

Elsewhere over the weekend we had Glynn & Mel Elwood taking part in the Stanbury Splash fell race in Haworth. Strava tells me Glynn came 25th in 54.38 over the 11K ish distance with Mel finishing in 1:12:56. I'd have written more guys but looks like you had you 'away' kit on lol! Well done both of you, great running.

I think that just leaves parkrun from Saturday and only one place to start really with our honorary Postie for the day. The usual tarmac track round the Mire was out of bounds due to the ice so we ran round on the grass just inside the tarmac instead. It was lovely to catch up with Jason, Deanna and Teddy and also a pleasure to meet Teddy's Grandad who was visiting from the States. Swapping Florida for the Mire must have felt like a poor choice in the frost and fog but hope you got to spend some lovely time with your family.

Full parkrun results as follows:


28th Jamie Butler 21:27


126th Helena Senior 58:48

Middleton Woods

4th Dom Carter 20:26

6th Jim Carter 20:43

19th Andy Heather 23:28

New Earswick

18th Chris Thompson 23:58

Rother Valley

9th Alex Davis 19:37


8th Simon Middleton 20:04

60th Mel Ellwood 23:19

211th Jon Davies 28:20

261st Di Campbell 29:50

361st Carl Schumacher 32:54

374th Lucy Turner (and Billy) 33:15

429th Deanna Dawkins 36:36

430th Robert Dawkins 36:36

431st Jason Platten 36.37

That's it for this week folks. Recover well from the Monkey everyone who took part and safe journey back to the States for Grandpa Dawkins!

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