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London, New York, Milan is so outdated

You've all seen the fancy bags from some posh clothes shop stating the worldwide locations where you can find said attire. They've been superseded by the glamorous locations that our YPH runners travelled to this week.

Forget London (well don't as it happens). Definitely forget New York. Definitely forget Milan. It's now London (only realised my attempt at humour had gone wrong at the first hurdle after I started writing). It's now Baildon. It's now Manchester. It's now the entire bloody North of England for one of us!

I'm looking forward to the new team kit already. YPH, made in York, delivered in London, Baildon, Manchester and all the way across the North.

I'm starting with the capital. Cracking performance from Hannah Smithson on the streets paved with gold yesterday as she took on the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Hannah finished in a superb time of 1.47.56 to finish in 1640th place out of 11,565 finishers. Work out the maths, that's a finish inside the top 15%. Check out the photo though. You go all the way to London to take part in a Landmarks race and your photo is in front of a load of scaffolding and plastic wrap!

Elsewhere in the big cities we had one of our newer members, Robert Butler taking on the Manchester Marathon and finishing in 4.00.08. Argh, those 8 seconds Robert. I apologise for not knowing if sub 4 was your target, if it was then go away knowing you can (and probably will) do it next time. Great running and I hope you enjoyed showing those pesky Lancastrians some Yorkshire class.

The next big city on our travels takes us to Baildon for the Boundary Way. A half marathon on the trails and hills of West Yorkshire. We have no photographic evidence of Si Partridge sadly but I know he's done this one before and used that experience to finish in 33rd place out of 362 in a time of 1.37.22. Well done Si.

Equally impressed to see the Baildon organisers coming up with a multitude of age categories telling us that Si finished 7th out of 85 in the 40-49 category and 5th out of 48 in the 45-49 category. If we kept drilling down a bit further I'm sure we'd have got a 1st place for you in the end Si. 45-49 living in York with a ginger beard?

That 'just' leaves the lady not satisfied with a city or a town, she wants the whole of the North. Jo Barrett come on down. It's a bit of a half time report given the full distance is just shy of 300K starting in St Bees in Cumbria before a lovely trot over the Lakes, the Dales and the North York Moors before finishing in Robin Hood's Bay. Thankfully going down the cobbles to finish at the bottom of the hill although I'm not sure how thankful Jo's quads will be come that point in the next day or two.

At present Jo is 135K in and about 25K short of the next checkpoint in Reeth. About 100 miles left and as Jo said, it's just a hike. The most understated statement of all time. You're Postal mates are dot watching and silently encouraging you on Jo. Keep at it. Here's the link if you want to watch. It's better than Corrie I promise.

From one extreme to the other and we finish with the parkrun roundup.


17th Andy Heather 20.24 (another PB I believe and sub 20 must be just around the corner!)

51st Harriet Sleight 24.33

140th Dave Johnson 31.41

Keppel (great to see this event back happening again)

7th Andy Ellwood 31.50

Rothay Park

3rd Ben Briffaud 20.19 (well done on your podium finish in the Lakes)


46th Phil Raddall 26.40


52nd Robert Butler 50.41


47th Jon Davies 20.45

65th Mark Dodsworth 21.59

129th Simon Middleton 23.58

142nd Dom Carter 24.27

229th Alex Davis 27.22

323rd Lucy Turner 30.45

340th Karen Travis 31.23

That's all for this week in terms of results. Don't forget our AGM this Weds at Spark. We meet at 6.30pm for our usual training session followed by the AGM. Please come ready to share your ideas about potential club runs for the coming year along with any suggestions as to how to make our great club even better. Some of the positions on the 'committee' will become vacant after the AGM so please shout up on the night if you would like to get more involved in supporting our club.

Have a great week.

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