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Keyboard chaos

I mentioned it the other day, never before have you seen such combinations of letters. Where in Yorkshire is an S followed by a Z and then by a K or an R following an M other than Mr? Answers on a postcard please. I've turned spellchecker off as it just thinks I'm taking the piss.

Had to get my calculator out this morning to start working through permutations. Pocket to Socket have closed the gap by 24 miles overnight. Impressive stuff indeed. Their star performers yesterday were Danny with 18 miles, Emily with 12 and Hannah celebrating her birthday with 10. Hope you had a lovely day in the sunshine Hannah. Their rivals only had 2 10+ milers with DBG chalking up a half marathon and Si P giving it some with a 10 miler.

Where does the maths come into it then? Mini Inn are on 929.86 miles and have made it through Warsaw and out the other side and are now in the town of Mrozy, only 80 miles from the Belarus border. They completed 100 miles in the day so at that rate will get to Moscow a week today.

P2S are 868.68 miles in and are on the outskirts of Warsaw in the town of Pruszkow and are 61 miles behind after being 85 miles behind yesterday. They completed 123 miles during the day and if they maintain that then they will catch Mini Inn in about 3 days time. It's all to play for. Swings and roundabouts, Ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Still early doors. Run out of clichés.

Here's Pruszkow where P2S have spent the night. Warsaw awaits for brunch.

Meanwhile, a bit further east the snow has come. Mini Inn are crammed into the car sharing bodily warmth to keep the frost at bay. I think it must snow a lot here. Do a Google search for Mrozy and you'll see what I mean. It's not like you've anything else to do.

Belarus awaits today, the penultimate country on our journey and about a week to the finish line. The plan is to have a virtual party to celebrate our arrival in Moscow. More details to follow but if you don't have the Zoom app on your phone, you've got a few days notice to download it. Watch this space.

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