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We’ve had lots of positive feedback about the latest design for our new club vest and t-shirt. Great to hear that lots of you like the new proposed design.

We have had a couple more requests based on the design below that basically boils down to three options.

  1. The design as per the images below

  2. As per Number One but the stamp logo on the front of the shirt is larger, although not too large to be obliterated when you pin a running number on.

  3. As per Number One but the logo moves to the left of the shirt and your initials will appear on the opposite side with the red and white lines remaining in the same place as per the image below.

You’ll have to use your imagination for options two and three but hopefully it’s not too difficult to envisage.

The image below will be on the back.

So the million dollar question is, are you happy to go ahead with the shirt as per these images? Or would you prefer to see the stamp logo larger? Or would you like to see your initials in one corner on the front, the stamp logo in the other corner with the red and white lines in between?

Maybe wait for the sugar rush from too many Easter eggs to subside before you consider such a big decision!

Just email your preference through to me, simply 1, 2 or 3 and the most popular choice gets to appear in a race near you very soon.

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