In it for the duration

Back at the start of this challenge, I wondered if Moscow was a stretch too far or maybe the lockdown conditions would be strengthened and it would prevent us from getting out. Sat here now with at least another 3 weeks of lockdown to go it is clear that we will take Red Square albeit I'm not sure how Mr Putin will react when 54 marauding Posties storm his famous landmark. I do hope everyone is keeping strong, both mentally and physically.

The fluctuating daily performances continue to fluctuate. P2S were showing signs of resurgence a little over 24 hours ago but it seems that only got the Mini Inners going again.

Here's where we are. Red Square and the finish line is 1714 miles into the leg. The Mini Inners completed 115 miles yesterday and find themselves 1044 miles in with 670 miles to go. They have reached the town of Kobrin in western Belarus. We've moved from fine castles to fine churches thanks to the 10 mile plus efforts from Phil (back from lapping his garden), Si and Rachel.

Meanwhile, P2S completed 92 miles in the day to find themselves 960 miles into the leg with 754 miles to go to the finish. They are 84 miles adrift of their rivals, not that anyone's gloating. Not just yet anyway. The weekend beckons so plenty of time for things to change.

P2S have hopefully thrown down the last challenge for my keyboard. They are approaching the Belarus border and spent the night in the Polish town of Zbuczyn. Bonkers spelling. Anyway, another church looking resplendant in the sunshine.

Well done everyone, the end is definitley in sight. 6-7 days away. Probably.

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