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Hello Holland

We've spent a fleeting moment in Belgium, one of those countries you never seem to hear much about other than wet Sunday afternoons when you're watching their most famous detective, Poirot. So it's bye bye Belgium and hello Holland. Hope you're enjoying my alliteration. Bloody brilliant!

The P2S crew have put their collective feet down again and opened up a close on 50 mile gap between them and their rivals. In fact, the gap is such that Mini Inn are still on Leg 2 whilst P2S are en route to Moscow and the finish. There's still time Mini Inn team mates.

So where are we? Mini Inn are 578.02 miles into Leg 2 with 12 miles to go to Amsterdam and the finish of the leg. They find themselves in the town of Leimuiden and I have to say it looks beautiful, no surprise really that you chose to spend the night there. Check out Leimuiden below and remember what a great job Postal Harriers are doing for the Dutch tourist board.

Leimuiden clearly wasn't nice enough for P2S to hang around in, they've got their eyes on the prize. They've not only finished Leg 2, they've set out on Leg 3, a colossal 1714 mile trek across Eastern Europe to Red Square in Moscow.

The highlight of the day for them was giving Jim the chance to pay homage to his footballing heroes at the Ajax stadium. He tells me he's been a fan of the Dutch since 1988. Sadly I remember all to well watching them take us apart at Euro 88 with the likes of Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard showing us how it's done.

A bit of sightseeing out of the way and P2S have reached Amersfoort, 44.46 miles into Leg 3. We are picking some great places to stay as you can see.

So that's it, another day done. The long slog to the finish begins,

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