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Hardmoors Relay May 17th - 19th 2024

May 17th - 19th 2024 sees two of the iconic Hardmoors events taking place with the 110 mile and 200 mile races being hold over the same weekend.

I've got my eye on finishing the Lakeland 100 race in July so won't be taking part in the full Hardmoors races over the May weekend. BUT, I'd like to see if we can put together a team of Postal Harriers to take part in the relay.

There are two options:

110 - Starts on Saturday 18th in Filey. We can have a maximum of 4 runners to complete the full 110 miles of the Cleveland Way.

200 - Starts on Friday 17th in Hull. We can have a maximum of 6 runners to complete the full 200 miles taking on the Wolds Way followed by the Cleveland Way.

Both races finish in Helmsley and at all times we would need at least one of the relay runners (or family / friends) providing vehicle support.

If everyone did an equal share then the 110 equates to 27.5 miles each, the 200 is 33.3 miles each. Where we have changeover points is up to us as long as every team member goes through at least one checkpoint. In other words, if you've not done a marathon or don't fancy doing one please don't let it put you off but I'm probably looking for people to commit to at least 20 miles. We can also manage changeover points so that if someone doesn't fancy the idea of running through the night for example then they don't have to.

The costs are (assuming we get a full team):

200 = £41.66 as long as we enter by 30th Nov when the price increases

110 = £52.50 up to 30th Nov

There is a mandatory kit list for both events and you can see more info by going to

If you're interested and would like more info or to commit then please get in touch with me,

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