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Getting to know your Harriers - Part 9

There's been a bit of a gap since the last one but we're back on track with Part 9 and a Q&A with Elliot Cole. Thanks for sharing with us Elliot.

Anyone is welcome to complete the questions and email in. Just copy and paste the questions, put your answers underneath each one and include a photo.

Over to Elliot...

1. We all know you're a member of the famous York Postal Harriers but away from the club what does your work life look like (or retired or something else entirely)?

I work in the Pastoral team at Fulford Secondary School. We are a small team, supporting students and staff with any number of issues that arise through the day. No two days are the same - the students very much keep us on our toes!! 2. How has life changed over the last few weeks and how have you been able to adapt your running routines? I was still going in to school initially, but am now carrying out work from home - making contact with students in the 'school house' that we are attached to, making sure everyone is managing at home and feeling supported. Training now works around these calls / emails, but I feel we've managed to keep a positive structure to training. 3. Is there any support you need that your fellow YPHers could help with. Remember we're observing social distancing so it could be a weekly video call to have a chat or you might need some shopping delivering because you're self isolating. The routines we have for work and down time have helped to keep us both busy - along with Sophie's intricate weekly planning, we seem to have struck a good balance so far. That said we are very much looking forward to our group chat tomorrow - these Zoom and House party conversations and quizzes with friends and family have also gone a long way to keeping a smile on our faces.

4. Are there any skills you've got that could help others at this time. The Council is co-ordinating the volunteering effort so check out if you would like to / are able to offer your support. I would like to say here that my job requires me to show empathy, support, to have a good listening ear and to try and empower people to make positive decisions in their lives - but you may have to ask my Year 9's if this is the case when I find them 'skiving' Maths!!

I am most certainly here if other Posties need a chat, fancy a catch up, or just need a distraction. We have all seen the stories in the daily updates of those who have lost loved ones and with the numbers as they are, it is certainly possible that a fellow Postie could be directly or indirectly affected by this virus. The technology to support catchups and parties is great, but I have also enjoyed and benefited from having a simple phone call with colleagues and friends, so we are here if anyone needs us.

5. In a positive sense, is there anything that the current situation has allowed you to do that you wouldn't have been able to previously? Have you worn a path around your garden yet trying to figure out how many laps you'll need to do to get to 5K? I think it has helped us both to recognise and appreciate some of more simple things in life. We certainly have more time to get a more positive work / training / home balance. We obviously respect the guidelines and restrictions, but try to plan our rest day walks together, exploring different routes in the area. I have also learned that our garden is my responsibility - who knew?!? 7. What else would you like to share with your clubmates. I want to put on record that I completely refute the allegations that my first act as Social Secretary, was to shut the world down so that I had nothing to organise. This simply is not true - I wasn't even able to attend the first Cobra meeting.

I would just like to thank Simon for the fantastic journey across Europe that we have all enjoyed. A huge source of motivation and healthy competition.

I saw this Social Sec position as having two main goals initially - Firstly, to promote the social aspect of the club, whilst considering some of the traditions already in place. Secondly, to try and help bring Posties together to raise some funds to support the club as it grows. Under the circumstances the second of these has had to take a back seat, but Simon has set us off at a great pace for the first. (I have put forward a suggestion to Simon for another challenge to run alongside the Summer League, for his consideration). Beyond this, we will look to get a well earned get together sorted for when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Please stay well and strong in the meantime.

Thanks again for sharing Elliot along with the photo of your new mates below. I hope they've all paid their subs.

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