German Castles or 1960s Dutch Housing Estates?

Where would you rather stay overnight? Bit of a no brainer really. Or is it?

First things first. After yesterday's big news from Team Dawkins-Platten, it's all gone quiet on the life changing front today. Congrats again guys from all your Postal mates.

Leg 2 is over. Both teams safely reached Amsterdam and took the opportunity to imbibe in the local hospitality. Good job there's no performance improvement testing going on.

Leg 3 is the big one. Heading in a pretty much straight line east from Amsterdam and into Germany taking in Berlin before trekking across Poland including a stop off in Warsaw. Reaching the Eastern Polish border we head North East through Belarus before reaching the Russian border. 1714.9 miles, proper ultra running!

What's all this about the Dutch housing estate then? Team Minster Inn have made it 199.95 miles into Leg 3 and arrived in Markvelde, not far from the Dutch / German border. The best photo Google could muster is below. This is the moment when a Postie steps forward and tells me they are from Markvelde. The upside is there appears to be plenty of accommodation on offer.

Whilst Mini Inn have gone budget, P2S have blown their budget with an overnight stop in a German castle. They are 173.06 miles in so just over 50 miles in front and they find themselves in Neuenkirchen. Mini Inn had the last laugh when they heard that all the poolside sunbeds had gone when P2S arrived at the castle. They also lost out in an impromptu 5 a side match with the locals. All square at full time and they lost on penalties to the Germans. Again. The sequence now goes Chris Waddle, Stuart Pearce, Gareth Southgate, Marc Pearson as the final penalty went skywards at a rate of knots. Look on the bright side P2Sers, you've got a healthy lead and you're in a castle.

What have we got to look forward to today then? Berlin is 560 miles into the leg so we won't get there today. Osnabruck, Hanover and Wolfsburg all come before beautiful Berlin. Have a great day everyone.


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