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Garden bleeps and Percy Pigs

We've all seen it, election night and the polls have just closed. All the media outlets have done their exit polls and before the count begins they call the result. Sometimes they get it right. I'm sticking my neck out this morning and calling it.

Exit polls indicate that Team Minster Inn will arrive in Red Square late on Weds. Exit polls indicate that Team Pocket to Socket will get there late Thurs or even Fri. Unless they can get their big guns out and firing. There's still time P2S.

Some fantastic performances on Saturday. Mini Inn were boosted by 19 miles from Carl, 10 from Jo, 11 from Jon and 12 from Si P. In the P2S ranks, the big milers were Dee with 10, Mark D with 12 and Emily with 15.

It's great to see the range of advice and new challenges that are coming through as well. Di recommends downloading the garden bleep challenge, hard work but logs some additional miles. I'm also loving Rachel's frequent reference to fuel. It's recently been Easter Eggs but yesterday Percy Pig was called into action. I'm a fan of the Easter Egg and food generally, my new non parkrun time of 23.57 was hard earnt yesterday.

P2S are 1147.75 miles in with 567.24 to go. They've reached the town of Kobrin in western Belarus. Sound familiar? Course it does, Mini Inn were there two days ago! Comforting to see that it still has a nice looking church.

Meanwhile, Mini Inn are 1298.01 miles in with 416.98 to go. They are east of the capital Minsk in the town of Berezino. Lovely to be in places that are logical to spell again. Berezino has a fabulous statue in the town centre with a tank in the middle of it. Most likely a nod to their WWII past where sadly their Jewish population suffered badly.

It's clear that P2S need to take action now to avoid a landslide defeat. Given today is the usual day of long mileage I'm keen to see the messages coming through. Enjoy Belarus, the sun is shining.

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