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Forthcoming Socials

I hope this finds you well and adapting to the recent 'cross country friendly climes'.

I just wanted to give you an update on my thoughts and feedback I'd received around festive club gatherings.

I started calling potential venues almost two months ago and had some mixed responses, with some venues only offering small table bookings, some wanting non refundable deposits and some with very limited availability. The challenge is obviously trying to find a line of best fit with a large booking and town's current situation does not help. I had also received some understandable thoughts around whether Postal should as a group, be making a large booking currently. With reported cases rising, more informal options have been put forward as potential alternatives.

With all this in mind, we feel it is still important to try and mark the Festive season, so I am proposing the following, for those who are in a position to get involved:

Christmas Run and pub crawl.

Wednesday 15th December:

Meet in your finest Santa hat, lights and running gear and we'll take to the streets in search of appropriate pubs to have a cheeky half in. Coach can't be cross with you - just keep your Strava going in the bits inbetween pubs and title it intervals.

Saturday 11th or 18th December:

Afternoon (3pm approx) drinks in town, meeting at Thors Tipi. We know this may be very busy, so this was more of a meeting point. If people are interested and have a preference in date, please email or whatsapp me directly as soon as possible and we'll go with the majority. Depending on numbers, we could try and get some food somewhere in town, or take advantage of the offerings of the street food in the market.

End of Feb/March:

Whole club gathering for food and Presentation. I will likely have more venue options at this point, to try and find something that fits the purpose.

Please let me know of your interest in a Saturday gathering in town - contact me directly on this email address, whatsapp, or text. My number is 07850877485.

I hope to see many of you over the coming weeks, but if I don't, please have a wonderful Festive period.

Many thanks


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