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Fair weather runners!!!

A mere 140 miles clocked up in total yesterday. You don't need to be Carol Vorderman to work out why. Taking the opportunity to celebrate non-parkrun week #12 by staying inside and watching the raindrops. There were 12 miles in it, Mini Inn with 76 and P2S with 64. Less than 1000 miles to the finish for the leaders, which suggests a finish on or around 15th June.

Mini Inn are making their way through South Wales and collecting sports grounds. After spending the night before at Chepstow racecourse, last night they bunked up in the Liberty Stadium, home of Swansea FC. Back in my youth, me and my mate used to go to loads of Huddersfield Town away matches. Swansea at the old Vetch Field was one of the more memorable ones for the wrong reasons. An end of season clash, I think udders got the point they needed to confirm their place in the play offs. Leaving the ground we set off back to the car that was parked in a local supermarket car park. Shortly after we turned round to see what felt like hundreds of locals running after us. Probably about five in reality. There's nothing like a marauding group of Welshmen to make you deliver your best Usain Bolt impression. We made it to the car and didn't stop until we hit McDonalds in England. A football story with a running theme.

We've had many a happy holiday in Wales since and Snowdonia Marathon is one of my favourites so I think the locals have forgotten their run in with a 20 year old Middleton. Here's hoping Snowdonia happens towards the end of Oct this year. One to add to your bucket list, it's one of my favourites and a gem of a weekend in lovely Llanberis. Pub right on the finish line where you can sit and watch the finishers through the window. Medal is a rather nice slate coaster.

Meanwhile P2S are over 300 miles behind and are in Bude. To be fair it looks amazing in Bude but they won't win any race sat on a beach. 30 ish runners in team P2S doing 10 miles per day for the next few days is what it needs to get back in it.

I'm about to head out and do my 10.5K share of the NN Running marathon challenge. Leading the way so far is the half marathon world record holder, Geoffrey Kamworor. He did his 10.5K at an average pace of 2.51 per KM. That's 14.15 for a parkrun. Bekele has also been out, he was clearly having a steady one today, finishing his at 3.08 average.

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