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English Athletics Training

We all know how lucky we are to have two wonderful coaches and what a great job they do each week! As a special treat they have organised three sessions with an English Athletics Coach for us all to enjoy. These should be extremely useful and be well worth attending, the dates are as follows:

  • Wed 25th August (Bootham Park)

  • Wed 8th September (Bootham Park)

  • Wed 22nd September (Bootham Park)

  • Thurs 30th September (zoom wrap up session)

I will get more details out in the next week or so.


As part of the deal we also have the oppurtunity for three posties to experience NURVV run insoles, which provide unique running metrics and insights into foot striking etc have a look on Hopefully we will receive them before the first coached session.

If you are interested in trying them let me know before 17:00 11th August, and we will then hold a draw at that nights training session to allocate them.

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