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Easingwold and recovery! 

Updated: May 30, 2019

In a few words, Hot Chocolate. Yep, a rich, creamy guilty pleasure. Is this what YPH means to you? Or, is it the famed Pop group from yesteryear headed by the brilliant Errol Brown. You know the song, It started with a kiss, who’d of thought it would end like this. Well, YPH has its very own Errol. Guess who? I will give you a clue. He would probably sing, it started with a got it, Patrick. Who’d would have thought that that wonderful lunge would end with a magnificent 7 year PB. Well that is what happened with an awesome 42 minutes at Easingwold last night. Take a bow along with other new PB owners, Tom, Mark, Jason, Katie, Chris, Deanna and the rest. Thank you, Thank you for repaying us so handsomely. As for tonight, a recovery run for the 20 something Harriers was never going to happen. We ran the windmill route. A 4.5 mile circular course with 10 interval sprints. What a night for Hannah to make her debut. To her massive credit she toughed it out like a right proper royal blue. She was born in Brighton but made in Yorkshire! Welcome, I hope you come back to train with us again soon. Everyone trained with a smile on their face buzzing from the great performances from the night before. When we returned to the Mini, our numbers were swelled by Danny, Melissa, Dolly and the cuddlesome Reid. He is a player. The ladies love him! It feels good to be in a club where everyone is so encouraging. For me the highlight of the week was a side message sent from Glynn to Tom and Mark congratulating them on their fine runs. Kindness is a strength and such well wishes were gratefully received. Wherever you are running this weekend, take care. Run with pride in the vest and joy in your heart. Run happy, be happy. DeeGeeBee

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