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Delays from Dalby & St Aidan's

With apologies to my fellow Postal Harriers for missing out the Dalby Forest Torch Challenge results in my weekly report yesterday. I understand that now Sue Gray has a bit more time on her hands she will be conducting an independent enquiry in due course. She's welcome round mine for tea and cake anytime.

The 5 mile course event started at 6pm so full on head torches required. It's a very different experience running with your miners lamp strapped to your head, with your gaze focussed firmly on the metre or so of ground in front of you. You also become much more attuned to noises in the dark.

I hope all our runners had a great time and congratulations to Emily Cox on her first appearance as a Postal Harrier.

114th Lou Mamalis 52.06

121st Harriet Sleight 52.23

122nd Emily Cox 52.24

314 finishers.

Clearly one race in a weekend wasn't enough for Lou and she doubled up on Sunday, taking on the 6.66 mile St Aidan's Beast event in Leeds. Rather impressive result as well by the looks of it, 57th overall and 8th lady in a time of 53.50. Well done Lou and I hope you had a rest on Monday!

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