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Club Runner Beats Sir Mo!

When I read the headline on the BBC my first thought was bloody hell, Team Carter have taken down one of our running legends. With Jim and Dom also in the capital and knowing they were both in decent nick, could they have really claimed the scalp of multiple gold medal winning Mo Farah?

It was evident that the Queen thought the Carter's had put in an impressive show having invited the boys round for tea and by the looks of the raised flag, it seems like she was in.

Hot on the heels of a decent showing around the other regal setting of New Earswick the day before, Dom raced round the capital in 39.58 with Jim not far behind in 40.13. I'm guessing you ran together until 9.5K and then Dom turned the boosters on, hence the broad grin below?

Well done chaps although I've not seen a new membership form come through yet from a certain Elizabeth Windsor. Can you pop back and sign her up?

I have to say I thought the BBC's reporting was a tad harsh. Yes, Mo was beaten by a club runner but the term club runner doesn't mean Ellis Cross isn't any good and it is 10 years since Mo lit up the skies of London with his double Olympic gold. Time catches up with us all and the next generation are coming through.

There were some huge iconic races taking place back up North but I couldn't see any sign of our Posties taking part. A combination of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks race and the iconic Fellsman both happened in the Dales and attracted some of the current legends of the trail and fell running game. The 61 mile Fellsman race is one on my bucket list but the best I could come up with was hunting down the results from when my Dad completed it on more than one occasion. Having also completed the Pennine Way, Howarth Hobble, Lyke Wake Walk and pretty much every other long distance event in Yorkshire, I think I know where I get it from!

That's some impressive consistency from the old man. It seems he's left the door open for a Middleton to have a crack at sub 24 though....

Before I go off on a complete tangent, I'll get back on track with Saturday's parkrun roundup.


122nd Dave Johnson 29.38

Kingsbury Water

127th Jackie Mitchell 28.30

New Earswick

2nd Dom Carter 18.18 (very tidy performance on the grass there Dom)

4th Jim Carter 20.21

7th Andy Heather 21.18

11th Ben Briffaud 21.40

14th Jon Davies 22.08


72nd Phil Raddall 26.22

Temple Newsam

5th Ian Smithson 19.12

The Cinder Track (Whitby)

14th Patrick Hough 21.17

Woodhouse Moor

154th Robert Butler 23.51

191st Jamie Butler 25.17


10th Elliot Cole 18.04

11th Simon Middleton 18.05

75th Alex Davis 21.20

161st Harriet Sleight 24.16

179th Andy Ellwood 24.37

228th Kev Armstrong 26.00

248th Lucy Turner 26.27

279th Di Campbell 27.15

306th Lisa Ellwood 27.54

That's all for this week folks. Don't forget training tomorrow night (Weds at 6.30) see Harriet's post on Facebook / Whatsapp for full details.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Hardmoors for me on Sunday so good luck to anyone else taking on Wainstones. Great training for Taddy two days later!

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