Club Night Review

In a few words, take it easy for a little while.

Yep, this is my first thought when I think about training on a Wednesday. No, not the effort of the run, it is more about my state of mind. YPH is a safe place. There is a young Yorkshire lad who has a way with words. They resonate with me. His words remind me of our little club and its current evolution. We are now running in imaginative ways. People meet someone new they like. It’s a place where you can take it easy for a little while: the water is lovely and warm.  While we still have some way to go, we are probably four stars out five. So please, please continue to hang out with us: it’s  such an easy flight.

Anyway, enough lyrical indulgence for now and I will crack on with the morning after despatch.

I thought old inky had left us. We should be training under a warm orange summer sky by now. But the beast from the East returned and the Coach rocked up in the latest mountaineering kit as if he was on an expedition to Base camp. But, C’mon. We are YPH and a cold wind and a bit of rain did not deter the 27 Happy Harriers from giving it a right good go. As ever, Patrick led the lunges. He can lunge like nobody else. Clearly his abstinence during Lent heeled his joints as he lunged deeper and deeper like an Olympian Skier.

The Coach had also being doing his homework. The session was inventive. He explained what we were to do using wonderful technical running words. All I heard was pain, a nice pain. It will do us good. It will pay dividends. It will make us stronger. It will make us happy. Roll on The Tadcaster 10k next Tuesday when we can repay Mark for his time and support.

We ran the session around our urban track. We encouraged each other. When a brother or sister needed a hand, it was offered. Ultras ran with speedsters. Stalwarts returning from injury tested their recovery. New runners weaved in with experienced runners. Over time runners found their pace and buddied up to share the fun. Shoulder to shoulder. Stride to stride. Smiling faces and warm embraces. This is YPH. It’s our sanctuary. I’ve seen runners develop. With the Coach’s direction we look like runners. With the support of each other we are forming bonds, friendships and trust.

I hope when you think about training on a Wednesday you see the world through a pair of royal blue tinted spectacles. And later on, through the bottom on an empty pint pot.

So whatever you are up to this weekend, stay safe. Most importantly, run happy, be happy.


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