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Club Night Review

It's that time of the week again, sounds like a painful night for our Kev. Hope you're ok mate.

Over to DeeGeeBee:

The morning after.

In a few words, tough love.

Yep, 14 Happy Harriers trained last night. The session was a brute. Coach Mark’s idea of tough love. Following a mile and a half run to the training venue we ran 850m intervals at your 5K pace up a hill followed by yet more intervals up the Mount and then back to HQ. I did not love Mark at the time, but I did when I completed. Mark was fab. Lots of individual coaching to improve, form, pace and mental strength. Also fab, was our togetherness. We looked out for each other, encouraged, smiled and got on with it. Our lady runners were aplenty and for the second week outnumbered the men. Wonderful, truly wonderful. It was difficult at times with the inky black sky making it hard to see where you were planting your feet. We coped. Well nearly, towards the end of the session Kevin decided to impersonate Tom Daly and landed a triple somersault with knees and elbows everywhere. It was a 7 from Mark and a lot of laughing from the motorists waiting at the traffic lights. Hope you are okay today.

I always feel proud of our little club when we train together. We never leave anyone. We never judge anyone. Just run and have fun. It’s good for the soul and the legs.

If you have not been training for a while check it out. You will really enjoy it whether it is the beer, the banter or the therapy. We are here for you.

Take care and run happy, be happy.


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