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Club Awards

Better late than never! We're very conscious that the annual club awards have yet to take place for the year ending 31st March 2023. Well here they are and now is your chance to vote in two different categories.

We have the Most Improved Runner award. Who in your opinion has shown the most improvement over the year to 31st March 2023? It doesn't relate to any particular distance or time achieved, just your view on which of your fellow Posties have improved the most.

There is also the Club Person of the Year award. This is your chance to recognise the person who has gone the extra mile and done the most to propel the club forward during the year.

Voting is only open to current club members and you have to include your email address when voting so any mass voting from your family members around the world will be discounted! You can vote once in each category.

Glittering prizes will be awarded to the winners at our forthcoming AGM, date to be confirmed.

Here's the link to cast your vote. It's been through rigorous testing in our IT department and did work. Once.

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