Christmas & New Year Round Up

Best wishes to all Postal Harriers and here's hoping we have a great 2020. With the last few weeks featuring a bumper parkrun programme it has been a bit trickier than usual to find all the results. We've registered over 60 runs between Christmas Day and New Years Day so I'm sorry if I've missed your result (unless you forgot your barcode!)

One thing that has stood out over the last week is how popular parkrun in York is with over 800 runners at the Knavesmire on Christmas Day and over 700 at both NYD double events yesterday. None of us recorded a finish time of 20.20 to welcome in the New Year with Jim closest at 20.22.

We are already behind one of our ultra marathon queens, Dee who clocked up 30 Hardmoors miles in 6hrs 46mins on their NYD event on the east coast. Well done Dee!

Christmas Day


Darren Baker 19.46

Danny Clayton 20.25

Simon Middleton 20.37

Jim Carter 20.48

Andy Heather 21.01

Sean Withill 23.25 (hope your ankle is ok after your fall at Hes)

Kevin Armstrong 23.27

Amanda Clark 25.11

Ian Smithson 29.07

Karen Travis 29.57

Vicky Wren 31.41

Lucy Turner 33.44

Dalby Forest

Glynn Ellwood 18.09

Mel Ellwood 22.50

Andy Ellwood 28.19

Lisa Ellwood 33.32


Jason Platten 22.28

Deanna Dawkins 24.48


Helena Senior 40.48

28th December


Jim Carter 19.12

Danny Clayton 20.06

Mark Whitby 20.48

Andy Heather 20.56

Sam Lynn 31.47

New Earswick

Chris Thompson 23.22

Conyngham Hall

Andy Ellwood 30.45

Lisa Ellwood 38.27


Helena Senior 32.00

Castle Howard

Karen Travis 31.41


Darren Baker 20.47

Mel Ellwood 21.55

Sean Withill 23.15

New Year's Day


Glynn Ellwood 17.49

Danny Clayton 19.36

Darren Baker 19.42

Jim Carter 20.22

Simon Middleton 20.24

Sam Lynn 20.45

Mel Ellwood 21.39

Richard Hawkins 23.06

Kevin Armstrong 24.28

Andy Heather 24.55

Amanda Clark 25.21

Lucy Turner 33.28


Jim Carter 20.00

Simon Middleton 20.41

Richard Hawkins 23.27

Di Campbell 24.49

Andy Heather 25.01

Kevin Armstrong 25.13

Amanda Clark 26.00

Danny Clayton 26.00

Phil Raddall 30.17

Sam Lynn 37.23

Lucy Turner 41.16

Temple Newsam

Mark Dodsworth 25.15

Peckham Rye

Andy Ellwood 28.18

Lisa Ellwood 33.14


Andy Ellwood 30.43

Lisa Ellwood 34.04

Conyngham Hall

Karen Travis 35.57


Karen Travis 32.01

That's it, I think! Good luck to all our Postal runners training for the Brass Monkey, not long now...


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